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Your Medical History is important in both the diagnosis and types of treatment that will be discussed with you.

General Foot Care

There are numerous conditions that effect both the young and the elderly that we can help you with. Rest assured that our instruments undergo current Australian Podiatry Association standards of sterilisation.

Patients often feel embarrassed or hesitate to get treatment for foot and nail conditions that they are discomforted by. We can help.

• Cutting and clearing if necessary of nails
• Drilling thickened or gryphotic nails
• Advice on nail care and nail treatments
• Fungal nails
• Ingrown nails
• Treatment of corns and debridement or scrapping of the skin
• Skin care advice
• Footwear advice
• Cracked heels

Diabetic Podiatry

Diabetes is a growing health issue in Australia. It is the highest leading cause of lower limb amputation in Australia, with over 1 million people living with the disease.

Diabetes affects a person's circulation, immune system and nervous system, all which can lead to chronic wounds. Our podiatrists help to monitor changes to your foot health and provide appropriate advice and interventions with regular foot screening and diabetes check-ups, keeping both the patient and their doctor informed.

Prevention is critical for good health outcomes when treating patients with Diabetes. As well as helping you manage your nail and skin conditions, we can advise you on day to day care at home, pressure relieving devices, hosiery and importantly footwear. Our aim is to keep you moving.

Biomechanics of the foot

Our feet are the most important component in a person’s ability to walk. The feet are the body’s quiet achievers, they allow us to propel ourselves forwards in a balanced, energy efficient way for life. The foot is comprised of a complex mix of joints, soft tissue and muscle that works as a system of levers. These act to use the arch of the foot like a spring to absorb and release the opposing forces of body weight and gravity against the force from the ground. Because of this complexity, a fault in the structure or components of the foot can prevent it from functioning as it should, leading to pain, damage and degeneration.  So, when a foot problem arises, you need to act otherwise you can lose your mobility and your quality of life can be affected.

At Burwood Foot Clinic we were the first in Australia to utilise SOLESUPPORTS, an orthotic device that uses MASS theory to support, correct and reduce pain in the foot. These specialised orthotic devices work by placing the foot in a position where its arch is in its highest and most supported position and the entire foot is in contact with the device. This allows the orthotic to prevent the foot from collapsing and having any excessive pressure on any part of the foot, allowing it to work like it should. Let us help you find the right treatment for you, whether it is SOLESUPPORTS or an off the shelf orthotic we can help.

Sports Podiatry

Whether you are a football player or a hiker or just enjoy a walk around the bay, don’t let foot pain slow you down.  Not all foot pain requires orthotics and may be treated with Strapping and Tapping. Strapping and Tapping could also be used prior to your prescription of orthotics. We treat a number of ailments from gait problems and unexplained pain to:

• Plantar fasciitis (acute heel and arch pain)
• Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome)
• Muscle strains
• Capsulitis
• Bursitis
• Morton's Neuroma
• Tendonopathy

Watch the video from SOLESUPPORTS™!

Paediatric Podiatry

Children's feet and foot problems are not scaled down adult foot conditions. Their feet and legs develop rapidly and there can be big problems with little feet. These are some of the reasons you may bring your child to see us:

• Walking on tip toe
• Tripping or in toeing
• Clumsiness or poor balance
• Bowed legs
• Flat feet
• Rolled -in ankles
• Knock-kneed
• Knee or heel pain
• Limping /pain
• Ingrown nails
• Bunions or other deformities
• Callous/ corns
• Warts

By having a consultation at Burwood Foot Clinic, we can advise whether treatment is necessary or if your child in within normal milestones.

Orthotic Therapy

At Burwood Clinic we were the first in Australia to utilise SOLESUPPORTS orthotics.

When we prescribe an orthotic it is imperative that your foot function is assessed and the best orthotic for the condition is prescribed.

Main Reason SOLESUPPORTS are different from other prescription orthotics:

• Conform perfectly to your arch for support
• Designed with your weight and activity levels in mind
• Engineered to actually control foot function, not just cushion it
• Captures the foot in ideal position for weight bearing activities
• Top quality materials

Whether it is SOLESUPPORTS or an off the shelf orthotic we can help find the right option for you.

Dry Needling

Dry needling can be used to treat a range of acute and chronic lower limb conditions. It involves the insertion of a fine sterile acupuncture needle into muscular “trigger points” in order to release muscle fibres, promote tissue healing and local pain relief. This low risk practice is particularly effective when used in conjunction with other therapies such as taping and orthoses.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toe nails are a common and painful condition that can affect people of all ages. This is where the nail grows into the flesh, leading to inflamed and infected toes. It can occur for many reasons: poor nail cutting or tearing of the nails, ill-fitting footwear or repeated trauma, nail shape or just a small piece of nail causing trauma to the surrounding sulcus, to name a few.

Whether your nail is in an acute condition or if it is chronic and requires nail surgery we can advise you on your treatment options and maintenance so that your toe nail stops causing you discomfort and you can get back to the things you want to do.

Speak to one of our podiatrist who can discuss your treatment options.

Footwear / Shoes

Shoes: we all wear them, and if you have feet that are hard to fit or require more than your stock standard shoes come and book a consultation or ask for advice as part of your general consultation.  We stock Dr Comfort Shoes and Revere Shoes.  If you are with NDIS we can help you find a pair of shoe that will fit your needs.