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Biomechanics of the foot

Our feet are the most important component in a person’s ability to walk. The feet are the body’s quiet achievers, they allow us to propel ourselves forwards in a balanced, energy efficient way for life. The foot is comprised of a complex mix of joints, soft tissue and muscle that works as a system of levers. These act to use the arch of the foot like a spring to absorb and release the opposing forces of body weight and gravity against the force from the ground. Because of this complexity, a fault in the structure or components of the foot can prevent it from functioning as it should, leading to pain, damage and degeneration.  So, when a foot problem arises, you need to act otherwise you can lose your mobility and your quality of life can be affected.

At Burwood Foot Clinic we were the first in Australia to utilise SOLESUPPORTS, an orthotic device that uses MASS theory to support, correct and reduce pain in the foot. These specialised orthotic devices work by placing the foot in a position where its arch is in its highest and most supported position and the entire foot is in contact with the device. This allows the orthotic to prevent the foot from collapsing and having any excessive pressure on any part of the foot, allowing it to work like it should. Let us help you find the right treatment for you, whether it is SOLESUPPORTS or an off the shelf orthotic we can help.